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Slough Feg – “The 95 Thesis” & “Free Market Barbarian” (Stereogum Premiere)

Longstanding Thin Lizzy/Judas Priest-loving, Fenriz-approved, ’70s/’80s-metal torch carrying San Francisco underground metal heroes (and Hammers Of Misfortune/Ludicra pals) Slough Feg have signed with Profound Lore to release their eight album, The Animal Spirits, the followup to last year’s similary hairy Ape Uprising!. Ape made my 2009 Honorable Mention list, but I didn’t love it as much as I do the rest of the band’s unparalleled output (see, especially, Traveller, Twilight of The Idols, Down Among The Deadmen, and my dark horse favorite Hardworlder). Great news: The Animal Spirits is a true return to the band’s anthemic, brainy classic metal/rock form. Per usual, main man Mike Scalzi writes some of the best riffs you’ll ever hear, and the man’s lyrics are always ambitious and smart. This time out, though, as with all the best of his material, the songs are old familiar favorites after one listen. See for yourself via “The 95 Thesis” and “Free Market Barbarian.”

Slough Feg – “The 95 Thesis”
Slough Feg – “Free Market Barbarian”

The Animal Spirits:

01 “Trick the Vicar”
02 “The 95 Thesis”
03 “Materia Prima”
04 “Free Market Barbarian”
05 “Lycanthropic Fantasies”
06 “Ask the Casket”
07 “Heavyworlder”
08 “The Tell-Tale Heart”
09 “Kon-Tiki”
10 “Second Coming”
11 “Tactical Air-War” (Feat. Bob Wright of Brocas Helm)

If you’ve never seen them live, please do. As I mentioned after watching their set at SXSW a couple of years ago, the band’s “epic power metal” was indeed epic “even before vocalist/guitarist Mike Scalzi removed his shirt and donned a vest.” That, and they “inspired some of the best drunken dancing of the weekend.” Even on a Monday afternoon.

The Animal Spirits is out 10/26 via Profound Lore. (Drink some beer in the kitchen out of a horn for them!)

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