Call Bloc Party Tuneless, Make Headlines

A “rising Scottish crossover star,” Calvin Harris, has lambasted Bloc Party for their musical tedium, and it is most definitely, not at all a publicity stunt! Calvin told The Big Issue In Scotland (via NME):

A lot of these people think they’re changing the world with their music, but actually they’re just boring the shit out of everyone. Like Bloc Party – they are rubbish. They make very tedious music. What kind of person is going to make all this music and not make one single tune? What’s the point?

That’s a serious slam, but who are you? Good luck finding a magazine or blog hard-up enough to reprint your rhetoric, Calvin. Oh wait… Well fair enough, this fellow probably made his accusations after listening to A Weekend In The City, but Silent Alarm is far from rubbish. Which reminds us about the single most uncomfortable encounter we had in Austin…

After hitting some day shows, we ran into Bloc man Kele Okereke, who’ll always be a hero of ours. So we pulled ourselves together, walked up to him, and had our self-introduction and fanboy gaze met with a reflexive call-out of our disappointment with the new record (accompanied by sideways smile). That’s a first! Can you blame us, though? Can’t blame him, either. We turned it around well enough, but that wasn’t hard; he’s a right charming chap, and we’ve been Party champions from the start (still spin Silent Alarm). And we moved into a nice conversation about his picks for the festival (Amy Winehouse and Foals, if you’re curious) and the relative merits of Levi’s jeans. But still … awkwaaard. Don’t have the photographic proof, but trust us on that.