Arcade Fire In A Freight Elevator

After all the incredible artists La Blogothèque crew have had pass through their videographical lenses, it’s cute to see ‘em get as giddy as the rest of us would at having Arcade Fire be their focal point. They write:

We knew that the Take Away Show with Arcade Fire wouldn?t be like the others. The project was born for them because they?re of a different kind, a different essence. We had spent the afternoon with them and suddenly we realized, in a flashing instant, that yes, this group is different.

We had been playing the role of outsider the entire day, like a foreign body that latches onto the daily grind of these magnificent musicians. We had to adapt, through astonishment and wonder, as the band took up their tools and started to play. But Arcade Fire didn?t take us as outsiders. It seemed to unfold naturally : we entered into their logic, as they awaited us and eventually swallowed us up. It was now Win Butler?s Take Away Show, and we followed.

The rest of the post details the difficult logistic concerns involved with finding the perfect place to film the sprawling band (Paris is too cold, the venue too strict), but throwing ‘em in a freight elevator in the legendary A L’Olympia is a perfect fit (metaphorically speaking). After “Neon Bible” it’s “Wake Up” — set in a familiar sight, though never filmed with such panache.

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