Florence And The Machine Covers Mystery Jets

Florence Welch aka Florence And The Machine hails out of the UK and she’s got all the Brit buzz. The BBC critics poll placed her at #3 on that list of most likely breakouts for 2009, the NME threw her on a cover, MGMT took her on their European tour, etc. From what I’ve heard, which isn’t much beyond her singles “Kiss With A Fist” and “Dog Days Are Over,” she seems to be somewhere between Kate Nash and Regina Spektor in terms of melodic/lyrical phrasing and Jemina Pearl in terms of occasionally distorted guitars and wanting to kick you in the teeth, contemporarily speaking. Just with a little more soul, and a little more Kate Bush. You can try both of those songs out after the jump if you’re behind on your Brit hype, but not before grabbing Flo’s cover of my favorite Mystery Jets song, “Flakes.” Hers is reverent to a fault, but that’s OK because the original lacks any.

Florence And The Machine – “Flakes” (MP3)


Mystery Jets – “Flakes” (MP3)

Here’s Florence in her own words:

Florence And The Machine – “Kiss With A Fist” (MP3)

“Kiss” is alright. If that doesn’t grab you, or if you want to understand what grabbed MGMT, try the video for “Dog Days Are Over” and understand why sometimes people say thing like “Florence The Machine is an eccentric singer-songwriter”:

Florence’s singles are available via IAMSOUND.