New YACHT – “See A Penny (Pick It Up)”

The Blow beatsmith and Live ‘Gum alum YACHT (a/k/a Jona Bechtolt) has made the first single available from his forthcoming, third solo effort, enchantingly titled I Believe In You. Your Magic Is Real. Things will be different for YACHT this time through, though, ’cause The Blow killed it last year and the all caps YACHT became one of the more desirable words to have attached to your fave indie band’s remix jams. This track makes good on Jona’s party starting impulses, copping Knight Rider bass before bringing in an amalgam of vox, synths, and knob-tweaked tones.

YACHT – “See A Penny (Pick It Up)” (MP3)

[Pic from YACHT’s DJ set at The Puppet Show in Austin, TX 3/14/07.]

I Believe In You. Your Magic Is Real. is out 5/8 on Marriage Records, and YACHT is bringing the party on the road. Dates after the jump (one of which involves an actual Yacht).

3/30 – Portland, OR (Berbati’s Pan)*
4/15 – Annandale-On-Hudson, NY (Bard College)
4/16 – New York, NY (Hiro Ballroom)#
4/21 – Big Sur, CA (Spring Festival, Fernwood Resort)
4/26 – Seattle, WA (Chop Suey)
5/05 – Portland, OR (The Most Epic CD Release Party of All Time on an actual Yacht)

* = w/ Man Man
# = w/ Gang Gang Dance