So Much For “No Surprises”

We’re about to go on a tear of posts for the latte-loving yindies out there, so grab a cup and brace yourselves. First up, the Starbucks record label. Rumors have been flying about for awhile, we ignored ‘em hoping either they would go away or implicate artists we don’t care about. First signing was Sir Paul, though, and we downed that bitter shot thinking, well, Macca’s been going through a tough spell, so maybe hawking albums along with grande mochachinos is what he needs.

But reader Gary S. points us over to Radiohead fansite, which reprints this caffeinated rock rumor from Buzznet:

Just as the steam is clearing from the frothy news that ex-Beatle and soon-to-be divorced old man Paul McCartney will be the first musical artist to release a sugary, highly caffienated confection on Starbucks Records comes speculation in New York’s Daily News that the corporate coffeehouse is in talks with Radiohead to be their second source of aural frappuccino.

The NY Daily News article in question states simply:

Starbucks is in talks with Radiohead to record on its new label, Hear Music. adds:

Of course, it’s not confirmed. We can tell you that some “mysterious” label people were spotted with the band just recently in a certain London studio.

So while you wince through the days from now until Radiohead release, hoping never to see the next Kid A in your local café, know that they’ve already snatched an exclusive release deal with Dylan. You sip on that, we’ll bring you the next yindie report in a moment.

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