Links, Shout Outs, Things To Do In April

What’s the point of having a music blog if I can’t plug my friends’ bands? Here it goes…

  • Collin’s band Breaker! Breaker! has a great new CD available at Kim’s and other fine music shops. Watch their video too.
  • Viv and Ed’s band Mommy And Daddy have an awesome new video in which they’re sweaty and rocking out. I lost the link, tho. Viv, send me the URL!
  • Dennis has an acoustic residency Sunday nights this month at Pianos. Check it out and maybe he will wear his cool shoes.
  • Rob’s band Morning Theft plays Pianos on my birthday, 4/28. I saw them acoustic last week and he sounded like Paul Westerberg. Rock!
  • Marcus plays bass for Argentine. See them live this Friday April 23 at (where else) Pianos.
  • Bex performs her unique brand of “sexuopolitical songs and puppetry” at NorthSix on April 29.
  • Danny’s band Ladyjane has a new Website. They perform at Luna Lounge 4/29.

    And three non-music things…

  • Lindsay Lindsayism will bring the 2nd Ritalin Toothing Series to Pianos on April 27. Sign up for updates here.
  • Thanks Nicole for sending me some awesome pins. Check out her site Rock The Tote where you can buy cool bags, shirts, and pins.
  • James, my good friend and the instigator of numerous indie rock flame wars on this site, is back in his native U.K. for a few months. This means he can’t go to concerts with me this summer. But starting today I can read his rants at His first article is about a British TV documentary causing a stir because it shows an abortion. Welcome back to the blogosphere James.