New Arcade Fire – “Lenin”

Like Gruff, the Dark Was The Night compilation is the gift that keeps giving: Earlier today it yielded a unanimously loved Sufjan track. (Pauses to appreciate that something received unanimous love on Stereogum.) Now on to something also generally lovable: Obama-staffer fave Arcade Fire. The patriotic outfit’s contribution to Dark is called “Lenin,” formerly known as “When Lenin Was Little” and existing out there in the ether as an unreleased Arcade Fire tune for some time now. (Go to for the lyrics.) Maybe they didn’t play this at the Obama staff ball because they sing “Daddy, Daddy, please save the world from the government.” Or maybe that is why they should have played it. Hear here:

Dark Was The Night is out 2/17 via 4AD.

[Photo from Arcade Fire @ Radio City Music Hall 5/9/07 by Amrit Singh.]