Genesis: 1976 – 1982

We’re gonna go ahead and follow-up our disproportionate excitement about Phil, Mike, and Tony’s reGenesis with some news about a slew of re-releases and a tidy boxed set ’cause one of us (Lapatine) is a huge Genesis dork. So you’ll just have to deal.

This year, camp Genesis are reissuing 14 of the band’s studio albums on CD/SACD and DVD double disc (for bonus vid features) over three stages. 1976-1982 (A Trick Of The Tail, Wind & Wuthering, …And Then There Were Three…, Duke, and Abacab) is a weird choice for a first batch, but then again this is the band (minus Phil) that thought Calling All Stations was a good idea. And it’s nothing you haven’t heard if you got the Archives boxed sets, but hey, 5.1 Surround Sound and random bootleg Japanese videos ain’t bad! The individual albums are out on 4/2, on which day the band will also release ‘em as a boxed set collection with a fancy case-bound 48-page book and a bonus CD/SACD and DVD. No idea what’s on that one, but let’s hope it has lots of video of them wearing sunglasses.

Buy it here.