New Junior Boys – “Parallel Lines” (Stereogum Premiere)

Junior Boys’ third album Begone Dull Care, the Canadian synth duo’s followup to 2006’s So This Is Goodbye, is out this Spring. We’re told the title’s a reference to a short film by Norman McLaren, who also influence the music contained on the record. We weren’t told if the opening track “Parallel Lines,” in turn, was influenced by Blondie. The six-minute song’s initially icy, warms up via its lyrics: Distorted percussion and crystalline synthesizers (of a dozen different textures, striations) weave through the Boys’ new wave falsetto and more reserved intonations about, among other things, odds, ends, final amends and whispers in the tears.

Begone Dull Care:

01 “Parallel Lines”
02 “Work”
03 “Bits And Pieces”
04 “Dull To Pause”
05 “Hazel”
06 “Sneak A Picture”
07 “The Animator”
08 “What It’s For”

Begone Dull Care is out 3/24 in Canada and 4/7 in the US via Domino. Before that, you’ll be able to nab the 12″/digital single of “Hazel.” The Junior Boys launch a six-week tour on 3/28 in Toronto with labelmate Max Tundra. Tour dates shortly.

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