ScarJo Talks Tom Waits

Following up on our Tom Waits Talks ScarJo post (we’re so comprehensive!), Vogue sits with the “criminally sexy” (per Woody Allen, sounding pervy without even trying) actress in a fawning piece discussing her body, her lips, her friendship with Natalie Portman, and her highly anticipated (anyone?) turn as Tom Waits cover girl:

Some fans may have been surprised by her first appearance on Saturday Night Live in 2006, when she sang in several skits and more than held her own. Not surprisingly, her voice is a velvety alto. Less predictably, her first CD is a collection of her favorite Tom Waits songs. I assumed her parents might have introduced her to his music?Waits has had a cult following since the seventies?but she said that musician friends in high school brought his music to her attention, and she remains an avid fan. She had originally planned to record an album of standards, then changed her mind after adding “I Never Talk to Strangers” to her repertoire. “I’ve always considered Tom Waits to be kind of a composer of modern standards; he has a lot of beautiful ballads and really heartbreaking songs.”

Reasons for reprinting that quote: Firstly, PLEASE send us MP3 if you find it! Lastly…