The Stone Roses’ Possible “Reunion” Gig

Reader Robert Z. wrote an email with the subject “Stone Roses One-off Gig?!?!” and a body consisting of the equally excited query “Is this shit true??!?!?!?” The supposed date for this reunion gig is this Friday in Manchester, and with the show so close (and nary a ripple in the music news), it seems entirely irresponsible to indulge this rumor. So let’s dig in!

The source of the wisps of excitement appears to be albumvote, which yesterday ran a story titled “Stone Roses To Reform.” So, there’s that. Only, the article makes sure to state that it will be “key members” that will reunite at Friday’s Versus Cancer benefit gig at the Manchester Evening News Arena. They reprint a quote from event organizer (and ex-Smiths bassist) Andy Rourke, told to Music News:

Both Mani and [New Order’s Peter Hook] Hooky are going to be doing something with Echo and the Bunnymen, Mani’s going to be doing something with Ian Brown, and the grand finale’s going to be quite special.

So, a cautious tease of a Roses reunion finale, then? Sure enough, they’re both listed on the flyer. We’re gonna assume that Freebase — a three-bass supergroup featuring Rourke, Hook, and Mani — is playing the show, too. No official word on John Squire or Reni making the date, so avid Stone Roses watchers: How big a deal is this? Do Ian and Mani hook up often? If any of our UK readers make the gig, send us a postcard.