The New Weezer

Reader Lucas K. writes:

Perez Hilton randomly called my good friend’s band Chester French “The New Weezer.”

They’re great, nothing really like weezer….they were offered a deal with [redacted at Lukas’s request], last I heard…not sure if they signed w/ them or not.but you should check em out…

Here’s a track…

Chester French – “C’mon (On My Own)” (MP3 link removed)

On the off chance you’re a Perez regular, no doubt you’ve noticed his shift toward pimping artists (and getting ‘em to play his birthday parties). Some of his picks have been solid (Lily Allen, Regina Spektor, Amy Winehouse), but mostly ’cause he discovers ‘em six months after everyone else. And then there’s Mika.

But “the new Weezer”? Perez, you’re incorrigible.

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