Nevermind The Music And Dance!

Another report from the land o’ grunge and coffee. The Seattle Times profiles a new dance production from Donald Byrd (the choreographer that brought you dance-buffs Broadway’s The Color Purple, pre-Fantasia), set to the songs from Nirvana’s seminal album. Nevermind (the dance) premieres this weekend at Seattle’s Moore Theater. NME recaps:

Although plot details are sketchy, two dancers – David Alewine and Allison Keppel – are set to represent Cobain and widow Courtney Love.

Byrd said: “It’s like sometimes when you’re watching ‘Romeo and Juliet’, you think, if they had just waited…even if it seems unbearable, it’s going to change.”

However, the director says the show is not biographical but “(Cobain)’s life is just an inspirational departure point”.

The dance steps are said to incorporate some of the dance moves of Los Angeles’ punk scene.

This type of thing never goes well, does it. We just hope it’s better than Twyla Tharp’s grunge band. You know, The Tharp Objecths?