Volta Goes Viral … Maybe

Over the past few days we’ve been receiving emails about an odd MySpace friend of Björk’s (bottom right on her list of “friends”), myspace.com/ itshardtofindbandnames. Location: Iceland. Name: Gerome Voltaire. The page for Mr. (or Ms.?) itishardtofindbandnames, created on 3/21, has interesting snippets of audio, bizarre video, and this message:

What I’m presenting here at the moment is something I recorded at some listening session in Reykjavik with an Icelandic artist, which I then cut up and added noises and images to. I hope she doesn’t mind.

Sounds like a leak-y fan to us, but then again, prominently linked on Björk’s Myspace? And so many tips in our inbox suggest that the site (and subsequently leaked vids) are proof that Björk is getting all Trent Reznor on us. The Stranger has been following the smattering of clips that have surfaced closely. First, they say, came this vid, uploaded by VoltaVideos on 3/26…

Fascinating! It’s entitled “Earth Intruders,” which happens to be the name of Volta’s first single. Next came the vid uploaded to itshardtofindbandnames’ page, entitled “V.” Get where this is going?

Ready? OK. Give us an “O”!

No more spelling bee, but The Stranger has assembled a string of YouTubes that appear to be connected to whatever it is that’s going on here. Enjoy?

This one’s uploaded by altovaltov (that’s volta backwards twice!), titled “A Powerful Drug.”

Here’s the kaleidescopic “Celebrate Now”…

And finally, “Filled With Steam.”

Honestly, we’re not sure what’s going on. But if anyone in Reykjavik finds an unlabeled flash drive in a bathroom stall, let us know.

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