Yung Folks

After months of buzz, an inescapable video, and 37 shows over four days at SXSW, do you still have the whistling bit to “Young Folks” looping in your cranium? So does Wired Blog — only instead of cursing that irresistibly sweet Swedish pop, they came upon a rather amusing realization.

Possibly due to repeated exposure down in Austin, something has finally sunken in about “Young Folks.” The song’s main melodic figure, which recurs in the whistling section and each verse, is identical to what’s known as the “Asian riff” … based on the pentatonic scale.

Don’t know what the Asian Riff sounds like? Dust off your solfege skills with the sheet notation (via Wikipedia’s Asian Riff entry, naturally).

For the less apt sight-readers, allow The Vapors to play you the way.

Still love ya, PB&J; we’re sure you didn’t appropriate Asian riffage consciously to satisfy your deviously infectious melodic ends. But hey, you guys, isn’t this the sort of shit you were made for? Maybe time to dust off the old sandwich boards…