The Shins Cover Pink Floyd

Wincing’s tunes have swayed more than a few of you to give the Mercer crew another shot live, though we doubt you’d argue that the studio is where the Shins shine. Still, if you’ve been on the road with the band this tour, you’ve probably seen their take on Pink Floyd’s “Breathe,” which they unleashed to NME’s delight during last night’s show at the Kentish Town Forum. Unless it’s a spectacularly Ashlee moment (Aguilera moment?), the clip has poor sync (check out the “look ma no mic!” vocals at 1:53), but it’s a reverent — and, given the band’s aesthetic and live rep, impressively lush — take on the Dark Side classic. Don’t think they morphed into “On The Run”‘s space-invaders synth line, though it’s nearly impossible not to. Has there ever been an album with better segues?