Bob Dylan And Will.I.Am Are Pepsi Pals is a hilarious addition to any television broadcast, whether he’s ruining CNN’s election coverage or condensing 50 years of Grammys into 90 unbearable seconds. And Bob Dylan is Bob Dylan, he could sell us bras and panties. So when we heard will and Dyl recorded a new song for a Pepsi commercial premiering during the Super Bowl, we were like, “Perfect.”

Turns out Bob appears only via archival footage, along with Gumby and John Belushi. and Shrek and Jack Black cameo as their modern-day counterparts. But the music is new as promised — a remix of “Forever Young” featuring a rap from the Black Eyed Pea. The tagline? “Every generation refreshes the world.”

The spot was created by TBWA\Chiat\Day. When you see it Sunday, act surprised because it cost $6 million just for the airtime. When you factor in Dylan’s fee and the free soda for’s entourage, that is one expensive commercial.

Of course I prefer the original: