Spidey Goes Indie

If this was, say, two years ago, we’d be all “hey indie’s going mainstream!” Instead, we’re thinking the soundtrack compilers for the Spiderman franchise have been watching lots of Alexandra Patsavas soaps. Last time Tobey donned the Spidey tights, Danny Elfman’s score mingled with the likes of Train, Hoobastank, Yellowcard, Dashboard Confessional, and Jet. But the Spiderman 3 soundtrack has taken a turn for the better — minus the Snow Patrol. And Jet (don’t they learn?). The collection is out this May on Record Collection, whose site proudly states that “All songs are brand new and exclusive.” Even Jason Schwartzman gets a track! Check the list (via P4K):

01 Snow Patrol – “Signal Fire”
02 The Killers – “Move Away”
03 Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Sealings”
04 Wolfmother – “Pleased To Meet You”
05 The Walkmen – “Red River”
06 Black Mountain – “Stay Free”
07 The Flaming Lips – “Spiderman Vs. Muhammad Ali”
08 Simon Dawes – “Scared Of Myself”
09 Chubby Checker – “The Twist”
10 Rogue Wave – “Sight Lines”
11 Coconut Records (aka Jason Schwartzman) – “Summer Day”
12 Jet – “Falling Star”
13 Sounds Under Radio – “Portrait Of A Summer Thief”
14 Wasted Youth Orchestra – “A Letter To St. Jude”
15 The Oohlas – “Small Parts”

Sorry, Razorlight; you missed your in by a matter of weeks.


Spiderman 3: Music From And Inspired By is out 5/1 on Record Collection.