Springsteen Defies Super Bowl Oddsmakers With “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out,” Crotch Shot

What a game, right?! There’s a reason I don’t write about sports regularly, but I will say that was easily the best Super Bowl I have ever seen since last year’s Super Bowl. So much excitement! And pizza! Also it was an amazing night to have HD picture because when the Boss thrust his crotch into the camera I think he impregnated my eyeballs. That was very sexy, and totally one-upped Prince’s dick-guitar. LIke the thriller of a game, and like Springsteen’s pelvic camera crash, Bruce did not disappoint, turning his 12-minute allotment of halftime-time into a full on barnburner. For those of you trying to predict perfectly Bruce’s setlist, you failed; for your scorecards, it was a streamlined quartet of tunes including “Born To Run” (obvs), “Working On A Dream” (new album title track, also obvs), “Glory Days” (see: the hail marys and the awesome), all opening with unpredicted underdog “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out.” The show was classic Springsteen: triumphant, silly, and, inspiring, easily transforming the Tampa stadium’s 70,000 sports heads into raving superfans, ending with a tune about better and bygone memories while create some instant nostalgia all its own. At the E Street Band’s recent, private Super Bowl rehearsal at Terminal 5 in NYC, Bruce explained yesterday’s mission:

Via NYTimes:

“It was very challenging to try and get that exact 12 minutes. I found that in a funny way it was very freeing. O.K., these are your boundaries, so put everything that you have into just this box,” he said. “If you do it right, you should feel the tension of it wanting to spread beyond that time frame. But it can’t.”

Well played, sir. In case you forgot the game was on last night, here’s the show. Is there anybody alive out there?

“Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out”/”Born To Run”/”Working On A Dream”

“Glory Days”

Google Trends is always the best way to see What America Wants. After the Super Bowl, they were trying to figure out just how old were the Boss’s balls.

But only #3? C’mon, America. You’re better than that.