Twi The Humble Feather’s Heineken Ad (Feat. John Turturro)

When writing up Twi The Humble Feather I noted the New York crew would inevitably “wear Animal Collective comparisons like bruises” but that it’s far more interesting to “look beyond the patterns of their chanting falsettos to the differences.” Like, for instance, lending “Higher Than The End,” the opening track from the band’s five-song debut Music For Spaceships And Forests (and, now, Beer) to a Heineken ad fronted by John Turturro. Animal Collective has never done this.

Sharp ad. Too bad Heineken sucks. As those who can read signs will note: The commercial was shot at Village Vanguard, NYC. The band depicted is not Twi.

Take it with you:

Twi The Humble Feather – “Higher Than The End” (MP3)

Music For Spaceships And Forests is out via Friendly Ghost. For those in the NYC area, Twi are playing the Stone 2/5 (Thurs).