Dinner With The Band

Time Out New York has an article exploring the newly fertile intersect of indie rock and food, pulling quotes from indie-foodie expert Kara Zuaro (author of rocker recipe book I Like Food, Food Tastes Good), Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste, and winetaster-by-day Justin Chearno of Panthers.

Along with arguing that enjoying music can be like having great food or wine (Editor’s Note: or sex) — and in addition to I Like Food, Food Is Good — the piece points to Alex Kapranos’s tour-fed food diary Sound Bites and indie rock cooking show Dinner With The Band to prove, once and for all, that musicians like food. See, they’re just like you!

More about you, then: Who do you listen to while eating? Specify the meal, too; you can dine to Jeff Mangum anytime, but like Slayer with breakfast is just creepy.

BONUS: Learn to make Grizzly Bear pecan pie!