Yeah, Yeah, We Saw “Thou Shalt Always Kill”…

…and we defer to Hater Tuesday:

thou shall not read and record pretentious self-important ramblings and call them songs just so you can post them on youtube in attempts to get laid (finally!) by girls who are dumb enough to think you are on the road to fame and believe you are ?blunt and honest, yet quippy and political? … thou shalt remember ?King Missle? and reflect upon thier decent into obscurity … thou shall come not consider yourself smarter just because you have a british accent. in reality it makes you sound like an asshole. thou shall not wear one?s beard like that unless you are hasidic and you live in williamsburg and there is no irony implied … thou shall not trust someone named Le Sac.

If somehow you’ve escaped the UK viral phenom, watch it here.