Good Bye-a, Sanjaya

We’ve been been silent on the Idol insanity to date, but it’s time for the obligatory Sanjaya post. A new tee for your wardrobe?

Yeah, we feel a little weird shilling for CollegeHumor, but those kids have so much money it’s not like a link from Stereogum is gonna be a boon to their business. And it seems to us, the shirt’s Sanjaya depiction captures the very essence of young Malakar’s appeal. OK, so kid can’t sing (though he’s not tone deaf), he’s effeminate, he’s got great hair. There’s gotta be a future for him in music, right?

Maybe not. But think about it this way: Gayken, Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, shit even Elliott Yamin. Stack that against Studdard and Fantasia. Seems like — with obvious exception — losing is a better career move. Soul Patrol what now?

Back to Sanjaya. For whatever reason, kid’s a cult media phenom. Boys want his hair, girls want … his hair. Maybe a Simon Cowell-sponsored recording contract isn’t in his future, but whaddaya think is? Shampoo commercials? Noxzema ads?

UPDATE: Funny enough, Friday night’s Best Week Ever posed the same question. Quoth John Mulaney: “America needs to stop with the fake votes for Sanjaya so he can move on to his next job: playing a teenage girl on To Catch A Predator.”