Robert Smith’s Ever-Expanding Circle Of Friends

And you thought Robert’s BFFing KoRN was bad enough? Try this one out. Win Butler’s hero Joe Simpson told EW that — in addition to the Neptunes’ Chad Hugo, Timbaland, John Legend, and Keane’s Tim Rice-Oxley (of Sweet Escape fame) — his younger meal ticket has found the Cure for her next album:

The bigger shocker? Ashlee’s also reportedly collaborating with Robert Smith. Yes, as in the legendary frontman of Alternative Nation icons the Cure.

Smith’s other good buddy Pete Wentz denied involvement in the pairing; Robert and Ashlee go waaay back.

When asked by our west-coast counterpart Shirley Halperin, Wentz demurred. ”I doubt I had anything to do with it, ’cause they were friends since she was performing in Chicago [in London last year]. But I definitely only have good things to say about Ash ? I think the collaboration could be great!”

Probably not, Pete! Here are pictures of the dumbfounding duo, both after certain “enhancements.”