A Website For A Tribute To Joni

The star-studded homage to honor the incomparable Ms. Mitchell is set for release this month, and it’s finally got a homepage! Worth the wait, though; you guys were split on Soof’s contribution, and now thanks to the site you can pass judgment on bits of the rest of the collection. Head over to atributetojonimitchell.com and sample each cover (and original) in one-minute streams.

It’s a clean, user-friendly flash interface, so knock yourself out. Plus, some of the artists (including Björk, Sufjan, and Elvis Costello) write gushingly about the songs and what Joni means to them. Only gripe: nothing from Night Ride Home (1991).

Okay, some of these covers suck. But maybe chalk that up to “covering Joni ain’t easy.” Unless you’re Prince.

A Tribute To Joni Mitchell is out 4/24 on Nonesuch.