Diamond Rings – “Gentleman Who Fell” (Milla Jovovich Cover) (Stereogum Premiere)

Toronto’s John O’Regan is the 24-year-old behind Diamond Rings, a project pairing visual verve and theatricality with poised, glam synth pop, and a fairly open door for contributions from some of his similarly ascendant Canadian friends: Damien from Fucked Up turned up in the video for “Show Me Your Stuff,” and then there’s this track which features piano and string arrangements from Owen Pallett. (Owen stopped by with a song his own earlier today.)

What makes this song better is its source: a cover of Milla Jovovich’s “Gentlemen Who Fell,” the spare, catchy 1994 orchestral pop song the actress/model/everything put out when Diamond Rings was like 9. It’s a bit more electronic and danceable now, and is the b-side to a 7″ Diamond Rings is putting out in anticipation of an October full-length. Hear it:


The “Something Else 7″ is out 9/28, with Diamond Rings’ Special Affections out 10/25 both via Secret City.