Sing Indie Rock Karaoke With Of Montreal

Much as we try to avoid giving away stuff that precludes our readers in far away lands (we love you, Australia!), we figured this one would be worth the frequent flier miles. You’ve probably heard that Of Montreal is playing a show called New York by New York performing one set as Of Montreal, and one set as the world’s greatest karaoke band. Also, you’ve probably heard that the show’s sold out. Obviously.

But fear not, reader friend. Not only are we gonna help you get in, but we’re giving you the chance to sing with the band! Entering is easy: Give us the song you wanna sing with Of Montreal. That’s it! Remember, it’s karaoke — and OM’s playing a full set of their own awesomeness afterwards — so pick a tune from someone else’s repertoire. Since Kevin and the crew are the ones playing the thing, we figured it’d only be fair to let them pick the winner.

If Of Montreal likes your song, you’ll get two tickets (one for you, one for your friend who will cheer for you and snap pics on a cellphone), and you’ll sing it, with the band backing you up, on April 14th at Studio B in Brooklyn.

Sorry, we can only have one grand prize winner. But we’re sure you guys will come up with fun suggestions. So in addition, we’ll pick two runners up, and each will get a pair of tix and watch the proceedings with karaoke envy. Sound good?

To enter the contest, click here. Entries must be received by Wednesday, April 4th at noon EST.

Big thanks to NY Mag and Of Montreal for making this happen! Now scroll through your iTunes and get clicking.

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