Fol Chen – “No Wedding Cake (Rafter Remix)”

From Sufjan Stevens covering Castanets to Shara Worden helping out DM Stith, Asthmatic Kitty acts love in-house collaborations. In this week’s Drop, San Diego-based Rafter Roberts joins the party with a remix of AK labelmates Fol Chen. We asked Rafter about his re-working of the electro-pop band’s “No Wedding Cake.” The original appears on Fol Chen’s Part I: John Shade, Your Fortune’s Made.

Your remix gives the opening a more melancholic feel and a different dynamic sense throughout. At the end, you replace the original’s “funkiness” with something heavier. How did you decide to approach it the way you did?
I guess I’m tired of “remix” meaning “more dancy/elctronic version,” so when Fol Chen asked me to remix this song (that was already pretty electronic/dance), my first instinct was to take it in a less electro direction. At first, I played with the idea of making the whole song a slow-core reverb drenched folk dirge (still have that version around somewhere), but then kinda got excited by the idea of hopping through several genres, and ended up doing that — kinda folk/electro/metal? Ha! I love the way it turned out but have to admit that much of my working intent was just to take the piss out of “remix” — it’s so 2000s. I always really liked the “cheerleader chorus” that came in at the very end of the original, and wanted to use that a lot — it’s vocoded in the background following the chords through the whole remix, but then takes center stage during the end rawkout … and also triangles are the strongest shapes, and so I tend to write in triangle shapes, triptychs are unbeatable right? Legend Of The Crystal Skull, anyone?

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