New Snow Patrol – “Signal Fire”

Lots of promising stuff on the hipsterfied Spiderman 3 soundtrack, but naturally the good stuff will have to wait until the Grey’s-approved singles are outta the way. So if you need to breakaway from the Fray for a minute, here’s the new Snow Patrol single for you to shit on.

Snow Patrol – “Signal Fire” (QT | WMA)

Drab as it is, they’re doing the piano sap rock so effectively (admit it, moms and first dates will eat it up) that just maybe a band like Coldplay will make good on their Eno-snatching promise to shift course entirely. Everybody wins. And Chris will have another thing to brag to his childhood bullies about.

The Snow Patrol track has a fan-made video already, of course, which incorporates copious amounts of advance footage. Hey Topher’s in it too! Fez is so gonna be in the next one.