B.o.B. & Rivers Cuomo – “Magic” Video

Rivers Cuomo is one of the many guests on B.o.B.’s debut album (Lupe Fiasco, Janelle Monae, Hayley Williams, and Eminem also show up). His appearance could be the weirdest, next to the Vampire Weekend sample on “The Kids.” Cuomo sounds chirpy but forced on the chorus. It seems like he’s having fun in the video, where, honestly, he doesn’t look 40 years old (wearing the same vest and glasses for the last decade or so also helps you look ageless). Not sounding his age? A bit of a problem for Cuomo when it comes to Hurley. Watch his B.o.B. spot below:

And here’s “The Kids,” which samples VW’s “The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance” and features Monae:

The Adventures of Bobby Ray is out now.