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Salome – “Master Failure”

I gave some background info on crusty, cathartic Virginia-based sludge/doom trio Salome when vocalist Kat stopped through to discuss her day job as a massage therapist and a yoga instructor. And I focused on her voice:

She’s an amazing singer, one who doesn’t need a bank of effects pedals to hit a low scowl or high-pitched shriek that you can feel coursing through your bowels and piercing your eardrums simultaneously. As she conjures these sounds, you can see her push herself physically, like she’s an extreme metal athlete.

When I called them “one of the most exciting bands in underground metal” I wasn’t kidding. Their live show (complete with charismatic stand-up from drummer Aaron Deal) should not be missed — one of the few bands I’d trek across multiple state lines to catch over and over. This recording of “Master Failure,” from their forthcoming 70+ minute Profound Lore full-length Terminal, should give you a sense of that power/pull:

Salome – “Master Failure”

01 “The Message”
02 “Terminal”
03 “Master Failure”
04 “Epidemic”
05 “An Accident Of History”
06 “The Witness”
07 “The Unbelievers”

Terminal is out 11/9 via Profound Lore.

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