New Police Album On The Way?

That’s what it’s looking like, according to Andy Summers. With such an unimpeachable catalogue, we hoped they’d keep the “reunion” to song revisitations, give or take a jazz odyssey. Oh well. Via NME:

The Police’s guitarist Andy Summers has hinted that the band may get to work on a new album after their forthcoming world tour.

The star, who attended a book signing and Q&A session for his memoirs ‘One Train Later’ in London yesterday (April 4), said the reformed three-piece would consider making a new album after their world tour.

See that? “…new album after their world tour” — NME knew you wouldn’t believe it, so they had to state it twice! The article goes on:

The guitarist also revealed that the trio will be debuting some new material at their forthcoming tour, which kicks off in Vancouver on May 28 before heading to Europe in August.

He added: “If we do well with these concerts we may well make a sixth album. I can’t see why not.”

Okay, obviously we’re excited to hear it. Shit, we’ll even buy (ha) the new record. But you can’t sell us on this being a good idea. Looking forward to seeing what Paul Weller’s phlegm thinks about this one.