Gold Panda – “Snow & Taxis” Video, “Same Dream China” MP3

Gold Panda’s Lucky Shiner is a record for beat, dance, and electronic kids looking for expert craft that’s versatile, process based, full of heart. The UK producer hit Glasslands recently and crafted his stew of samples and effects on the spot. It was very good. His debut full-length’s first promo MP3 “Snow & Taxis” gave a chance to indulge one angle of the arsenal, one steeped in stitching small-scale samples into a downy quilt of warm, transportive beat and trance like Axel Wilner makes out in the Field. There were singles before and they’ll be singles more, but it’s all been enough to land GP a spot on our Top 40 Best New Artists of 2010, which implies of course it’s just beginning for him. Like here, today there’s a video by Ronni Shendar offering some luminously verdant visual accompaniment to “Snow & Taxis,” and also ther’s another MP3 for you, this time for the melancholic mallets, warbling Far Eastern-tinged/sad-samples and thin beats of the wonderful “Same Dream China.”

If that’s not enough, also you can just go ahead and just stream all of the album below. This is a very value-filled jump:

Gold Panda – “Snow & Taxis”

And another from Lucky Shiner, to go:

Gold Panda – “Same Dream China”

Album’s out 10/12 via Ghostly. Some older MP3s here, the new album’s streaming in full below: