Best Weekend Ever

I’m off to Cambridge in a little bit, via the famed Chinatown bus. Boy, is it gonna be fun to be hungover on that bus! I can’t wait. Rob recommends getting there early, because you’re not guaranteed a seat even if you purchase tickets in advance. And that’s why I’m up so early.

Last night was the Best Week Ever wrap party at Freight 410. Lindsay and I mingled with the panelists, anticipating the arrival of Uncle Grambo and Jess. I have some great photos of the writers and comedians but you’ll have to wait until Tuesday ’cause I left my USB cord at work. Grambo and I did a shot with Jessi Klein, which totally made my night (I’ve never met her before because she tapes all her BWE segments very early in the morning, before I even wake up). One of the execs had asked me on Thursday to make some CDs of current pop hits to play at the party. I managed to sneak some Franz Ferdinand and New Pornographers in between the Britney and Twista jawns, and it went over well. I think. At least Michael Modern Humorist liked it. I was thisclose to playing “We Built This City.” I really should have.

Afterwards, Danny and I met up with Eliza Jane and my work crew at Pianos to see Argentine, who were awesome. And Jasper (the hardest working talent booker in indie rock) didn’t make me pay, so that rocked too.

Gotta finish packing now. NY Bloggaz: have fun at the big Whatevs Orgy tonight. Buy Mark and Jess lots of drinks. And Sarah take photos so I know what I missed.