Lou Reed Made Susan Boyle Cry

The venerable folks at TMZ are reporting that Susan Boyle “dissolved into tears” when she found out Lou Reed wasn’t going to give her permission to offer “Perfect Day” a subtle operatic touch on America’s Got Talent. She was supposedly still crying when she headed to LAX to catch a flight back to London. (She’d already arrived in L.A. when she got word the show’s producers needed permission from Reed/that he didn’t give it because he’s not a fan. Maybe he’s more into Prince Poppycock?) We all know her version of the Transformer tune would be horrible, but she probably got the horrible idea from the man himself:

He likely decided Duran Duran’s version was the last bad straw. Or T.S.O.L’s take. A song can only withstand so much soul-sucking abuse, so he might’ve opted to get more discerning after this:

Oh, wait. (While we’re on the topic, our friends at Sound Of The City suggest some less appropriate songs for Boyle to cover.)

UPDATE: Access Hollywood questions TMZ’s report, blaming a licensing snafu that had nothing to do with Lou. But if you’re curious, it would’ve sounded like this: