Junior Boys, OPN Remix Wild Beasts

It didn’t win the Mercury Prize, but Wild Beasts’s Two Dancers still has a lot of juice left in it a year after its release date. Domino Records is releasing two remix 12-inches, including remixes of the title track, “The Fun Powder Plot,” and “This Is Our Lot” this November. Hayden Thorpe’s voice is so elastic that I think it’s easy to make very different sounding remixes, but, interestingly, the Junior Boys remix strips out everything except the sound of the band breathing. Listen to their take, and the other three below. You can also grab Gatekeeper’s remix of “We Still Got The Taste Dancing On Our Tougues.”

The Two Dancers Remixes” 12-inches will be out 11/8 via Domino. They’ll be released digitally as well.