Weezer – “Memories” Video

When Weezer were breaking, and peaking, the way Rivers’ lyrics were laced with slang rooted him in his time, let people connect and comment on a culture perhaps they didn’t feel part of. (Unless you were the rare Blue Album buyer that really did speak about homies dissin’ girls with tongue nowhere near cheek.) So many years on, he’s penned “Memories,” which longs for just that time, a perhaps simpler time when “Audioslave was Rage” and Jackass was a thing. So for its video, we have Rivers and old school camera work and skateboards and the Jackass crew, including Johnny Knoxville and Steve O (though I can’t find a frame those two inhabit together). It’s retro visuals for a song that’s looking back but acknowledging the now, here via a cut of Knoxville kissing a baby that’s less scary and more sentimental than those words read. The video was premiered by MTV, which also is a nostalgic thing to do.

(via MTV)

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