How To Dress Well – “Ready For The World” Video, “Decisions (Spirit Animal Remix)”

To paint one How To Dress Well’s ’90s R&B-jacking falsetto as straight-up sensual wouldn’t be true to the rest of its hues, the loneliness and solipsism; you hear his connection with his awareness of being disconnected with whatever it is he’s after. Maybe a girl. In this case, maybe it’s the world, or at least being ready for it. This video that’s popped today is appropriately off-kilter, then, visual ghosts and saturated colors hovering over a dude in drag in some dingy settings. Nothing’s really clear here, nothing’s really clear in the music either. It’s all mood, that’s why this one works. Watch it here, and chase it with an MP3 of Spirit Animal’s remix of “Decisions”:

(Directed by Jamie Harley; via XLR8R)

Here’s that remix:

How To Dress Well – “Decisions (Spirit Animal Remix)”

How To Dress Well’s debut full-length Love Remains is out 9/21 via Lefse, and Spirit Animal’s got a full-length out 10/26. How To Dress Well, one of this year’s best new artists, or so we think.