Sleigh Bells’ “Riot Rhythm” Will Make You Buy A Honda

For rill rill. The first time I saw this spot came last night was after about four slices of delicious Fornino pizza while watching the VMAs which, let’s talk about that for a second. My pizza was really delicious! Which made it all the more sad when I had to barf it all up because good god what was that thing MTV served up last night. Between Chelsea Handler’s inability to deliver a joke except for the ones that were mostly racist, and the lack of any truly memorable performance aside from Kanye’s toast to everyone there the douchebags (and sort of Florence & The Machine, and Drake, and Rihanna’s blowing-up-Twitter appearance), and the insulting marginalization of Robyn to performing on the Taco Bell high dive platform or whatever (why even include her, it just took time away from closeups of Jared Leto’s scary face) this was the laziest, most aggressively mediocre and mostly forgettable VMAs I’ve ever seen. Yikes! Anyway now that you are all about reliving the VMAs, make sure to stop over at Gabe’s photo gallery of the event.

But one thing that was memorable was this Honda spot, because it featured Alexis and Derek from Sleigh Bells, in sound anyway, with some Treats for their licensing fund. The track’s helping hawk a sports hybrid, which is designed to be edgy, hence Sleigh Bells music. I think that’s the formula.

Sleigh Bells sells Honda hybrids by the seashore.

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