New Sufjan Stevens – “Barn Owl, Night Killer”

This past weekend, Sufjan performed at Cincinnati’s MUSICNOW festival and regaled the crowd in some unreleased material which you are obviously dying to hear. No secret Soof’s got a thing for birds. There’s “The Lord God Bird,” which he composed for NPR back in July of ’05 and which is still available for download…

Sufjan Stevens – “The Lord God Bird” (MP3)

…there’s the wings, and there’s the general onstage gushing about the avian species. So no surprise that another of his new tunes implicates fine feathered friends. Tentatively titled “Barn Owl, Night Killer.”

Another clip of a newbie is at Each Note Secure, which ENS has taken the liberty to call “Jupiter Bad June.” Is that about Delaware?! No? OK, birds, maybe?