Quentin Tarantino Gives Good Soundtrack

Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s critically hailed B-movie exploitation genre double-bill homage Grindhouse was released last weekend, though few went to see it ($11.6 opening weekend gross!). At three-plus hours, that shouldn’t be entirely surprising, and Harvey Weinstein told Page 6 he’s considering releasing Rodrigeuz’s Planet Terror and Quentin’s Death Proof separately at some point.

Death Proof also givesQuentin another chance to remind that he’s a viable contender for King Of The Soundtracks; starting with Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino’s always pulled together songs befitting his films’ genres and eras. His soundtrack for Death Proof is no different, nabbing cuts to compliment the seedy Rosario Dawson scenes. A trio of tunes are streaming at deathproof.net, including Willy Deville’s “It’s So Easy,” Smith’s “Baby It’s You,” and April March’s “Chick Habit.”

The movie seems worth the three-hour butt cramp, though we haven’t seen it yet. We did see The Hoax this weekend, though, and there was a note posted on the ticket window saying:

The ‘look’ of Grindhouse is intended to replicate 70’s action and horror films after heavy circulation in theaters. To that end, scratches, sprocket run off, focus problems, freeze frame and film burn are all intentional.

So if you don’t want sprocket run off, see Firehouse Dog. Any of you guys make it to Grindhouse yet? Do Rose and Rosario stay true to this costume?

‘Cause that definitely would be worth the three-hour ass cramp. Anyway, Mainstream Isn’t So Bad has a nice collection of Tarantino-through-the-years MP3s (no Kill Bill, though). Spidey needs a few more sequels to catch up. Death Proof (Soundtrack) tracklist after the jump.

1. “The Last Race” – Jack Nitzsche Listen Listen Listen
2. “Baby, It’s You” – Smith Listen Listen Listen
3. “Paranoia Prima” – Ennio Morricone Listen Listen Listen
4. “Planning & Scheming” – Eli Roth Listen Listen Listen
5. “Jeepster” – T Rex Listen Listen Listen
6. “Stuntman Mike” – Kurt Russell Listen Listen Listen
7. “Staggolee” – Pacific Gas & Electric
8. “The Love You Save (May Be Your Own)” – Joe Tex
9. “Good Love, Bad Love” – Eddie Floyd
10. “Down In Mexico” – The Coasters
11. “Hold Tight” – Dave Dee
12. “Sally And Jack” – Pino Donaggio
13. “It’s So Easy” – Willy DeVille
14. “Whatever-However” – Tracie Thoms
15. “Riot In Thunder Alley” – Eddie Beram
16. “Chick Habit” – April March

Death Proof (Soundtrack) is available on Maverick.