The Hold Steady – Live At Fingerprints EP

While out in Cali last October, the Hold Steady recorded an acoustic in-store performance at Long Beach’s Fingerprints record store (also the recording site of a great Jenny Lewis release). The set was winnowed to a five-song EP, out 4/17. It includes Separation Sunday’s “Cattle And The Creeping Things” before shifting into Boys And Girls cuts “Chips Ahoy,” “You Can Make Him Like You,” and “Citrus.”

They close the set by performing the punchline to Craig’s quip recalling a night at HiFi when, after 14 beers, Finn told bartender/bassist Galen that he’d like to “get into some high-end scotch,” to which Galen replied, “You Gotta Dance With Who You Came To Dance With.” And if you’re curious what the Hold Steady sound like acoustic: it involves lots of accordion. Hear it at Spinner.

[Pic from The Hold Steady’s not-acoustic set at The Annex during CMJ ’06.]