New Fleet Foxes Video – “Mykonos”

The newest Fleet Foxes footage is this Sean Pecknold-created video for Sun Giant’s “Mykonos,” a song last heard live from New York. Robin’s brother also handled the art direction for the satisfyingly creepy “White Winter Hymnal,” but this clearly isn’t nepotism: The guy clearly has a knack for animating Fleet Foxes sounds. Here, Sean casts Joan Miró-esque shapes and earth-tone shadows (and mustaches) against rolling paper hills, a paper forest, and some doorway portal where origami castles and strange little creatures spring to life and then disassemble as part of a mysterious dance.

The occasion for the video: “Mykonos” will be FF’s next single with White Antelope’s “False Knight Of The Road” as its b-side. In case you’re curious how the video was created, here’s this as well:

The Sun Giant EP is out via the still-indie Sub Pop.

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