Patrick Wolf Is A Drama Queen, Literally Plays The Crash Cymbal

Patrick Wolf’s three-show sweep of NYC last weekend made quite an impression: upon us, upon his adoring NYC audiences, and upon his ex-lover/drummer’s skull bone. The New York Times’ weekend in Pat recap points to this LiveJournal review for the drunken-drummer-bashing details (and yes, you read that right: P. Wolf inspired the first ever — we think — NYT cite of a LJ post! OMG! LOLz).

About that Patrick Wolf show at the Misshapes party at Don Hill’s though: Holy fucking shit! I am sure you can probably read about in numerous music blogs soon and will probably see video footage of the thing soon also, probably in the news section of Pitchfork on Monday. During “Bloodbeat,” he hopped down into the audience where Ben, Bri, and I were and sang and I was in close proximity to this man I have a gigantic crush on and Ben was holding him up for a bit since he was falling over, and then Patrick presumably heard the absence of a drumbeat to this song and turned back to the stage to see his drummer passed out. He hopped back on stage, slapped his drummer and yelled at him to drum. Even after being slapped a couple times, the drummer, obviously wasted, barely responded and still wasn’t drumming. Patrick threw a cymbal stand at the drummer’s head, and at that point I realized that what I thought was just an act was actually a band blowing up onstage during the middle of a packed performance. Patrick continued to yell at the drummer and told him he was fired (can you say drama?) and had security escort the drummer off the stage.

Somehow the set continued though everyone was made a bit nervous by this incident. Patrick joked about how you shouldn’t sleep with your bandmates, obviously implying that the drummer was only hired for being someone that Patrick had slept with. At the end of this song, Patrick started to drum while he was singing, obviously trying to show how easy it is, still pissed as hell, and understandably so, that his drummer was asleep during a big show on their international tour. The drummer tried to come back onstage and Patrick again berated him, telling him that he was fired, that he was paid to drum, and that he couldn’t drum and so was fired. Security again had to escort the drummer off the stage. It was so intense and insane that this was all happening. It was too bad because it definitely took the energy level of the audience down a couple of notches, everyone a bit shellshocked about what happened and about how the show was continuing somehow. I am conflicted about whether Patrick was an asshole or totally justified. I think he was defintiely justifed to be mad as hell that his drummer couldn’t stay awake for his show, but also a bit outrageous to throw a cymbal stand at the drummer. But the show was really great and would have been memorable even without all the drama.

So don’t let that aquamarine sequined shirt fool you: Patrick Wolf will cymbalstand-sling a bitch.

[Pic from Patrick Wolf’s drama-free set at Hiro Ballroom 4/5/07.]

UPDATE: Okay, so this is the second time a NYT article has cited LJ. Standards are in check, then. (Thanks to Times sleuth Kathryn Yu.)

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