Muscles – “Girl Crazy Go” Video

Nice to see Aussie one-man dance-club soundtrack Muscles back, even if the video via which we’re making his reacquaintance is quite an eyeful. Throughout his 2007 debut LP Guns Babes Lemonade, Muscles served his sharply distorted synths and happily raved-up house tracks with often caustic, sarcastic, or simply cynical lyrics. He took the piss out of scene-kids, oh so gently, by humorously using their wares against them (“drive a one inch badge pin through my heart”) or via cheeky chants (“peace love ecstasy unity respect“). Even the most feel-good of tracks, and the biggest Guns Babes hit, approached the everyday — like meeting a stranger on a train — from a twisted place: “He could have a knife stab me in the gut /bleeding on the floor /  should have kept my mouth shut.” That, in a song about ice cream.

So here’s the video for the first single from Muscles forthcoming EP, Young & Immature. “Girl Crazy Go” sounds like a continuation of the production style and catchy club track idea from the first album, here in a club where a bunch of party girls seem to be happily having a night on some Asian town. What could go wrong! Well it’s Muscles, which I’m beginning to realize means that everything could go wrong. At around 2 minutes, it does. These are wholesome girls to bring home to mom, I’m sure. Directed by Beaufort.

The Younger & Immature EP is out 10/29 via Modular.

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