New Goes Cube Video – “Song 30″

NYC’s Goes Cube razed the stage during an attention-garnering (and eardrum bludgeoning) set at Knitting Factory last year, moving on to a “mostly sold-out” tour of the States captured for posterity (and a forthcoming tour documentary) by the videographic talents of Ear Farm. On “Song 30,” one of our faves from the rising local jackhammer trio, Goes Cube’s back-in-the-day emo gets Bleached and colored by Dave Obuchowski’s larynx-shredded wailing and treated to 16mm shading by director Jake Hensberry. Fittingly shady.

Goes Cube’s Beckon The Dagger God EP is worth checking if you’re in need of a fuzz-pedal fix. More to hear at MySpace.

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