Korallreven – A Dream By Korallreven Mixtape

The latest dispatch of bliss basked beauty from Balearic-minded Swedish duo Korallreven is the A Dream By Korallreven For Korallreven In Collaboration With Korallreven For Korallreven mixtape, which embeds their new single with Taken By Trees’ Victoria Bergrsman, “Honey Mine,” amongst various other Korallreven stuffs (their remixes of countrymate Taken By Trees’ “No Letting Go” and Acéphale labelmate SALEM’s “Frost”) and various, situationally approved sandy meditations like jj’s “My Way,” contemporary blogcore mindmelds like the Teengirl Fantasy remix of Memoryhouse’s “Lately,” and appropriately soaring yet calming, meditational zeitgeist bullseyes like Justin Bieber slowed down 800% (twice). Good mix, very soothing, very downloadable, very goodbye-to-summer:

Korallreven – A Dream By Korallreven

You can pre-order the “Honey Mine” 7″ b/w a Lissvik remix over at Acéphale.

A Dream By Korallreven mixtape tracklist:
01 Somei Satoh – Organics / Inkuyo – Wipala
02 Korallreven & Taken By Trees – “Honey Mine”
03 Justin Bieber – “U Smile (Shamanti’s 800 % Slower Version)”
04 Inkuyo – “Wipala”
05 Cola Boy – “7 Ways to Love”
06 Taken By Trees – “No Letting Go (Korallreven’s Life’s a Bitch Version)”
07 jj – “My Way”
08 Primal Scream – “Higher Than the Sun (American Spring Remix)”
09 Justin Bieber – “U Smile (Shamanti’s 800 % Slower Version)” / Julianna
Barwick – “Bode”
10 Memoryhouse – “Lately (Teengirl Fantasy Natural Mix)”
11 Walls – “Burnt Sienna” / Vashti Bunyan – “Just Another Diamond Day”
12 French Montana & Curren$y – “So High”
13 SALEM – “Frost (Korallreven’s Indian Summer Version)”

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