Klaxons @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC 4/10/07

Wait, Klaxons are launching a campaign to ban glowsticks? That whole “new rave” thing was a term they made up as a massive piss take of overeager and gullible NME journos? We don’t know what to believe anymore! And apparently, the high school kids front row at the band’s sold-out Bowery gig Tuesday night didn’t get that glowstick memo. Neither did the Klaxons roadie, who had a glow hoop placed around one of the Brit kids’ mic stand. Good thing we forgot ours at that Phish show in ’98 (Hood!).

Yes, Klaxons are the UK’s “it” band of the moment (or at least, that’s what NME says — no reason not to believe them, right?) — but they’ve never fit in that Shitdisco/Datarock shitrock bucket. Of course we were skeptical of ‘em at first (saying stuff like “MDMAzing!” will do that), but Klaxons are too good to allow label-hungry genre-creators ruin ‘em for you. The Bowery show was a burner, Klaxons by turns grinding through apocalyptic, technicolor dance rock (“Atlantis To Interzone,” “Gravity’s Rainbow”) and timeless pop gems (“Golden Skans”) — sometimes in the same song (ala “As Above, So Below”).

They’ve also got their stage personae figured; there’s that one with the pretty face, the one who’s too wasted to keep to the mic through each of his background vocals, and the vaguely unhinged looking guy with that manic “two days of hard drugs and too little sleep” glint in his eye. The kind of band you wanna bring home to mommy. Or, maybe to have on your iPod on your trips home to visit mommy. Color us very impressed! But not with day-glo, ’cause that’s contraband.

01 “The Bouncer”
02 “Atlantis To Interzone”
03 “Hall of Records”
04 “Totem On The Timeline”
05 “Golden Skans”
06 “As Above, So Below”
07 “Two Receivers”
08 “Magick”
09 “Gravity’s Rainbow”
10 “It’s Not Over Yet”
11 “Isle of Her”
12 “Four Horsemen of 2012″

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