Crystal Stilts – “Shake The Shackles” & “Magnetic Moon”

Crystal Stilts (now minus one Frankie Rose) sound relatively peppy on these two new tracks. No worries, my melancholic friends — Brad Hargett’s still sleepwalking through an Ian Curtis daydream; it’s just that he’s become a somehwhat lighter sleeper, or something. (Maybe the result of the time Stilts JB Townsend, Kyle Forester, and Andy Adler are spending with Comet Gain in Cinema Red And Blue?) The songs appear on either side of a single out the end of October. The A-Side will appear on the band’s Alight Of Night followup, but the darker “Magnetic Moon” will only be found backing “Shake The Shackles.”

“Shake The Shackles”

“Magnetic Moon”

“Shake The Shackles” b/w “Magnetic Moon” is out 10/26 via Slumberland. Look for a new full-length early next year.